Get Out Your Umbrellas

This weekend is slated to be stormy, including possible snowfall on Mount Hermon.

After a week of scattered showers, this weekend is slated to be downright stormy, with possible snowfall on Mount Hermon tonight.

The rain will begin to let up toward evening on Saturday and will finally stop on Sunday. Temperatures will continue to be normal for the season, or even slightly cooler.

While yesterday offered a break from the rain, it is expected to resume this afternoon − initially in the north and along the coastal plain, then spreading to the northern Negev in the evening. Thunderstorms are likely as well.

The rain will continue tomorrow, with possible flooding in the Judean Desert, but it is expected to gradually wane toward evening. Sunday morning may see some more showers, but the rainfall will stop later that day.

Tomorrow is expected to be quite chilly, with daytime temperatures of about 16 degrees Celsius in Tel Aviv, 11 degrees in Jerusalem and 8 degrees in Safed. Even Eilat will be relatively cool, with temperatures ranging between 19 to 21 degrees Celsius. Sunday, however, should be a bit warmer.

Several places in Israel received significant amounts of rain this week, thanks to a cold front that moved in from Europe and ended a spell of unusually warm, dry weather. In central Israel’s Sharon region, some locales got almost 50 millimeters of rain on Wednesday alone. Netanya, as usual, received the most rainfall.

The basin around Israel’s main water source, Lake Kinneret, received less than 10 millimeters of rain. Thus its water level has remained virtually unchanged over the last two weeks.