General Staff Report: Large Rise in Number of Rapes in IDF

Incidents of reported rape of women soldiers increased significantly in the first six months of last year, as well as the use of date rape drugs, a secret General Staff document reveals.

Reported rape incidents tripled in the first six months of 2006 - 10 reported rapes of female soldiers on duty and 18 of off-duty female soldiers - compared to six reported rapes on duty and 13 off duty throughout 2005.

The rape incidents of women on duty mostly took place during Saturday while the rapes off duty mostly occurred during or after going out or partying on Friday or Saturday night, the document says.

Use of the "date rape drug" - a transparent liquid devoid of taste or smell typically dropped into the victim's drink - has also increased, according to the document. The drug causes temporary amnesia, among other side-effects, "after which the victim finds herself in a dark alley with no recollection of what happened."

Due to the rise in rape incidents, the IDF has instructed women soldiers to drink from closed containers and avoid isolated places like bathrooms, as well as hitch-hiking and being alone with male strangers.