Gaza Rocket Hits Home in Sderot, Causes Damage to Property

Qassam hits home in the the southern Israeli city, no one was wounded; rocket also lands in open field in Sderot, and does not explode; rocket later lands in open field in Sha'ar Hanagev, no injuries or damage reported.

Two rockets exploded in Sderot, southern Israel on Friday morning. One of them hit a house, causing damage to the propertd. No one was wounded in the explosion. The second landed in an open field and did not explode. Later on Friday morning, a rocket landed in an open field in Sha'ar Hanegev, causing no injuries or damage.

Limor Aflalo, the owner of the house that was hit by the rocket, told Haaretz that this was the second time a Qassam has hit her home: "This happens to us again, it's just desperation, thank God that there is damage only to property and not to any person, this is a great miracle, but at some point these miracles stop," she said.

"I'm not going to leave my house. In 2007, we left the house because of the Qassams, but I can't leave again, and now we're going back to that reality. It is hard for my children to deal with this. I do not believe in the phrase 'be strong' anymore. It's so sad that this is happening and that they are allowing this to happen. This is the fifth [rocket] to fall in our neighborhood, the second in my house. We hope it will stop," she added.

The rocket fell on the ceiling of her home. It broke the roof of her house, and then landed in her neighbor's garden.

The mayor of Sderot David Buskila said on Friday, "We can't relax here, we are going back to the tough days [of rockets falling] in Sderot. Sometimes there are lulls but the shooting has gone on for 12 years now. There was a miracle here.

This is a house that was damaged in the past and the family members have already suffered from rockets, this is the reality we live in here in Sderot and we need to deal with this."

Buskila emphasized that schools would continue to operate as usual. "Our schools are protected, and our students will go to school as usual."


The rocket that landed in Sderot.
Eliyahu Hershkovitz
The damage done by the rocket to the house in Sderot.
Eliyahu Hershkovitz