Gaza Doctor Buries Three Daughters, Visits 4Th in Israeli Hospital

Dr. Abu al-Aish whose daughters were killed by Israeli fire: 'we're all human beings, there's no difference between us.'

Dr. Ezzeldin Abu al-Aish, whose three daughters were killed by Israeli tank fire in Gaza last Friday, left the Erez checkpost at about 3 P.M. yesterday for the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, where one of his daughters, who was wounded, is hospitalized.

He was accompanied by four of his children who were not hurt.

"We are one united family. Despite the tragedy, we have tomorrow," he told the crowd of journalists waiting for him.

Six days have passed since al-Aish's apartment was shelled by the Israel Defence Forces, killing three of his daughters and wounding a fourth.

When the evacuation of the wounded was finally allowed, he accompanied his daughter, who was hit in the eye, to the hospital.

Yesterday morning he returned to see the extent of his home's destruction and to cry on the graves of his three daughters, whose funeral took place while he was tending his daughter in the hospital.

The remaining children - Dalal, 19, an engineering student who wasn't home during the shelling, Mohamed, 12, Rafa, 9, and Abdallah, 6 - wanted to be with their sister, he said.

"It's important to me to pull together what's left of the family," al-Aish said.

"I want to tell the Israelis that I was glad to see they opened their heart and eyes to what is happening on the other side. It's really time to wake up. The truth has two sides. If you want to judge you must look at both sides of the coin. God created us all the same way - we're all human beings, there's no difference between us," he said.

"My hope today is that as I can cross the border from Gaza into Israel, so will you be able to enter Gaza freely and that there would never be boundaries. This is the only way to achieve peace, trust and talks," he said.