In Photos: Gaza Between Wars

Independent photojournalist Violeta Moura covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the Portuguese media. In a series of photos last year, she focused on the people and destruction after the summer war in Gaza.

The ruins of residences are seen the Gaza City neighborhood of Shuja'iyya. Many thousands remain homeless after the war.  
Fishermen sell their catch in Gaza's port.
Graffiti depicting a rocket used to target Israeli territory is seen in Gaza City.  
A boy walk past a monument depicting a rocket.  
A man walks past a destroyed mosque and a water reservoir in the town of Khuzaa.  
The ruins of a bombarded apartment building stand precariously in downtown Gaza City.  
Youth practice parkour moves in Beit Hanoun. Gaza has an increasing number of parkour enthusiasts, an urban sport created in the 90s in France.  
A boy sweeps rain water from the courtyard of the UN Beit Hanoun School for Boys.  
Months after the last war, several foxes are still sick and starved in a Gaza zoo.  
A fisherman organizes fish for sale at Gaza's port.