Gay Pride Parade Passes Peacefully

About 3,000 marchers protected by a similar number of police.

About 3,000 marchers participated in yesterday's annual Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem. The participants were protected by a similar number of police.

One woman in the march was attacked by two individuals opposing the procession, but she did not require medical care. Three right-wing activists were detained for questioning when they were found with eggs, which it was suspected they planned to throw at the march participants. Another extreme right-wing figure, Baruch Marzel, was also detained out of concern that he intended to engage in a confrontation with the marchers.

Participants hold flags during the gay pride parade in Jerusalem July 29, 2010.

It was expected that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would send a greeting to be read during the event, which ended in front of the Knesset, but his office stated it would be issued later. The festive balloons that decorated the rose garden opposite the parliament building flew side-by-side with black balloons in memory of the two people killed a year ago in a shooting attack on a gay and lesbian center in Tel Aviv. .

MK Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz ), who attended the event, commented: "I wonder where all my colleagues are who were quick to make promises to this community a year ago. Where is the education minister? Where is the opposition leader? Where is the prime minister, who even didn't manage to sign a letter?"