Gag Order on Dismembered Bodies Expiring in Two Days

The Israeli public can expect to learn more details about the two dismembered bodies retrieved and dissected last week in two days time, when the court-issued gag order on the case is set to expire.

Several publications, including Haaretz, petitioned the court yesterday to lift the gag order on the investigation of what is turning out to be one of the most shocking murder cases in the country's history.

Last week police recovered two dismembered bodies: one in a dumpster in Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv, the other at the bottom of the Alexander River near Hadera and Netanya.

The petitioners cited, among other arguments, comments by Police Commissioner David Cohen, who said the investigation has progressed. To the surprise of the police representatives to the deliberation on the lifting of the gag order, Ramle Magistrate's Judge Zecharia Yeminy agreed to partially lift the order.

Police representative Amit Dahan asked for a delay on the implementation of the ruling, while the head of the National Serious and International Crimes Unit's field security department, Ephraim Bracha, came down to the court along with the commander of the team investigating the case, Yaron London. The two officers told the judge they will appeal his ruling.

Ruth Lorch, a District Judge, partially accepted the appeal one hour later yesterday, and ruled that the gag order will remain in place until Thursday night.

The National Serious and International Crimes Unit said they were satisfied with the ruling, adding that in the next two days officers will conduct several essential probes meant to shed more light on the affair, which has been the object of much speculation since it was first reported last Wednesday.