Full Rape Verdict of Ex-president Katsav Set to Be Released Sunday

Katsav was convicted on two counts of rape, indecent assault and other sexual offenses; verdict to be altered to withhold details identifying complainants.

Virtually the full text of former President Moshe Katsav's rape conviction is expected to be made public Sunday at noon - the release was delayed from Thursday due to objections by Katsav and the main complainant on the extent of deletions that would protect the victims' privacy.

The Tel Aviv District Court's conviction was announced at the end of December, but only portions of the opinion were made public. Katsav was convicted on two counts of rape, indecent assault and other sexual offenses.

The court rejected both parties' requests but deferred the release of the verdict to give the sides a chance to appeal the decision on what would be released.

Katsav had requested that nothing other than details identifying the complainants be deleted, saying that any further deletions would result in a failure to present the full picture of the court proceedings.

katsav - Tal Cohen - January 6 2011
Tal Cohen

The main complainant, A. from the Tourism Ministry, requested that the court recognize her privilege to bar publication of additional details that she said would violate her privacy.

On Thursday the district court panel - judges George Karra, Miriam Sokolov and Judith Shevach - ruled that the additional details that Katsav wanted released were liable to seriously violate A.'s privacy and help disclose the identity of another complainant whose allegations were barred by the statute of limitations.

The judges said the release of the information would also deter rape victims in the future from filing complaints. This was what led them to bar a public trial in this case, they added.

In addition, the court did not recognize the privilege that A. from the Tourism Ministry sought to invoke regarding other details in the verdict, saying that this was not a serious violation of her privacy.