Tel Aviv Residents Now Park for Free, While Visitors Pay More

Under new parking arrangements which went into effect Wednesday, people living in Tel Aviv will no longer pay to park in their city, while visitors will pay a higher rate.

New parking arrangements went into effect in Tel Aviv on Wednesday that allow city residents to park free along curbs painted in blue-and-white (which indicates paid parking), while non-residents will have to pay more per hour.

Until now, Tel Aviv residents paid 69 agorot per hour for parking outside the area where they lived.

Non-residents who park at blue-and-white curbs will now pay the highest fee permitted by law, NIS 6 per hour. Previously the hourly rate was NIS 5.50 per hour.

Along with the new rules, the preferred parking arrangements for residents from 5 P.M. to 9 A.M. remain in effect on streets with special signs posted to that effect. The municipality will continue to fine car owners without an appropriate area sticker who park in those spaces.

Although the Tel Aviv City Council made the decision on the new arrangements half a year ago, city inspectors were still issuing tickets to residents who hadnt paid for blue-and-white parking. On Tuesday, the municipality announced that the city council decision, which was approved last month by the Transportation and Interior ministries, was going into effect.

The municipality said that these steps were taken to ease parking for local residents while encouraging those who live elsewhere to use public transportation.
Critics of the move, however, claim that rather than encouraging the use of public transportation or bicycles by everyone, cancelling the parking fees for residents encourages car use.

Parking in Tel Aviv.
Daniel Bar On