Fourteen Hurt as Rockets Hit South

At least 21 Palestinian rockets hit Israeli territory over the weekend, injuring 14 people.

An Ashkelon man was lightly wounded and required medical attention after a Qassam rockets slammed into his apartment building yesterday in the center of town. In addition, the Ashkelon city center sustained another Qassam strike Saturday.

As rescue forces were evacuating the wounded man to the hospital, another rocket hit the city, exploding in another apartment building. One man who was in his backyard at the time sustained medium wounds from shrapnel.

Just after the IDF resumed fighting at 4 P.M. - after suspending hostilities for three hours to allow in humanitarian aid - two Grad rockets were launched into Ashdod. One of the rockets exploded in an open area in Gan Yavneh.

In total, Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon received 14 patients who had been injured by Qassam fire on Saturday, 13 lightly wounded and one suffering from medium wounds. Two of the wounded were seven-year-old twins, Mika and Danny Gorlik.

Additionally, the hospital treated no fewer than 27 people who were suffering from shock.

Sitting beside the Gorlik twins was Avraham Hayal, a combat fighter wounded in Gaza. He required surgery after sustaining injuries yesterday from an explosion inside a booby trapped house.