Four Youths Get Community Service for Not Stopping Murder of Aryeh Karp

Karp was fatally beaten by three young men, one of them a minor at the time.

Four youths who had been convicted of not preventing the August 2009 killing of Aryeh Karp on the Tel Baruch beach promenade were sentenced yesterday to community service by the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court.

Fadi Jaber and Fuad Musa were sentenced to six months' service, Mahmoud Adas was given four months, while Or Levy got three months. All also received suspended sentences.

Karp was fatally beaten by three young men, one of them a minor at the time. The three - Jamil Adas, Abdel Adas and the minor - were convicted of manslaughter in April and sentenced last week to 26 years in prison by the Tel Aviv District Court.

Each was also ordered to pay NIS 100,000 to the Karp family.

In his ruling yesterday, Judge Mordechai Peled mentioned the bystanders' "standing on the side under such difficult circumstances without doing anything to stop the awful event that was taking place before their eyes, and without even thinking to call for help, even after it happened." Peled said the four youths "continued partying with others afterward, as if nothing had happened," calling this "outrageous behavior that cannot be tolerated."

According to Peled, "It was in their power to try to stop this serious violence that was taking place right in front of them, but they stood by and did nothing.

Even during that short period of time, the defendants should have made any reasonable effort to prevent the continuous, brutal and fatal beating of the deceased, but they did not do so."

Levy's attorney, Nir Alfasa of the Public Defender's Office, said Peled had ignored a correction made to the indictment, which clarified that Levy had shouted at one of the attackers to stop beating Karp. Alfasa said he might appeal.