Four Girls Arrested for Spraying Arabs With Tear Gas

Police apprehends the four, from West Bank settlement of Yizhar, after Palestinians report attacks in Jerusalem.


Four girls from the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar were arrested in Jerusalem Thursday night on suspicion of spraying Arabs in Jerusalem with tear gas.

In the first incident, a Palestinian taxi driver reported that he had been attacked on King George Street by four girls, who fled on foot.

Shortly after, another Palestinian reported a similar attack.

Police apprehended the four in the vicinity of the second attack, finding two canisters of pepper spray in their possession. The four are currently in custody.

Palestinians make up some 50 percent of the taxi drivers in Jerusalem. Many say that they have are no longer working night shifts and some say they have given up work altogether.

The arrests come after a spate terror attacks in the capital, including one at a synagogue that killed four worshippers and a policeman.