Four Family Members Among Nine Killed in Road Accidents

Nine Israelis, including a couple and their two children, were killed over the course of two deadly days on the country's roads.

Two youths were killed before dawn yesterday while trying to flee police in Tel Aviv, after their vehicle slammed into a concrete wall.

On Sunday, a couple and their two children were killed in a four-car collision at the Negev Junction in southern Israel.

On Saturday afternoon, two men and a woman were killed when their car flipped along Route 90 near the Dead Sea resort town of Ein Gedi.

Police believe the Negev Junction accident was caused by an IDF jeep that tried to make an illegal pass. The jeep crashed into a military truck in the oncoming lane and then into two cars, both of which burst into flames.

Magen David Adom paramedics immediately confirmed the deaths of the four family members.

A passenger in another vehicle was trapped in his car due to the collision, and was seriously wounded.

Another six people were lightly wounded, and were taken to Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva for treatment.

Medics at the scene were unable to identify the bodies due to the fire.

The driver of the military truck was injured in the accident, and he described the events for investigators.

"The jeep struck me as it passed me along a curve," he said from his hospital bed at Soroka. "He hit me hard on the driver's side, continued straight and crashed into two other cars. Everything happened so fast. I got out of the car and couldn't believe what I saw."

In the Tel Aviv crash before dawn yesterday, police noticed a car driving in a suspicious manner. An officer signaled to the drivers to pull over, and the car stopped.

When the officer approached the vehicle, intending to conduct a routine check of the driver's license, the car began to pull away. The police gave chase, and the suspicious car began speeding.

The officer alerted other police units in the area, but lost sight of the speeding vehicle.

A few minutes later, other officers reported seeing a vehicle that fit the description had crashed. Both people in the car were killed.

Investigators later determined that the driver attempted an illegal U-turn at a high speed, causing him to crash into a concrete wall.

Medics later determined that the driver, who did not have a valid license, had been intoxicated.

The two people in the car were identified as Majdi Mansur, 27, and Makhrus Sirkhan, 26, both residents of the Galilee village of Rameh.

On Saturday night, three people were killed when their vehicle flipped on Route 90 near the Dead Sea. The accident occurred between the hotels on the Dead Sea shore and the town of Ein Gedi.

Police believe the vehicle flipped because the driver was speeding. The body of at least one person was found thrown from the car, indicating he may not have been wearing a seat belt.

The victims were identified as Helen Moriadi, 40, from Gaya; Makhluf Miki Jeanie, 34, of Migdal; and Shaul Yehoshua, 36, of Tiberias.

This comes two weeks after a family of five was killed in a head-on collision with a truck at the Arava Junction. The driver said his overhead glove compartment sprung open and hit him in the head, diverting his attention from the road. He is currently under house arrest.