Former U.S. Envoy to UN: Israel Poised to Strike Iran After Bulgaria Attack

Former envoy John Bolton appears on Fox news, says Israel will go after Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Former United States Ambassador to the UN John Bolton believes that Israel is poised to launch a direct attack on Iran in the wake of yesterdays terrorist bombing in Bulgaria.

Appearing on Fox News, Bolton said that Prime Minister Netanyahus unequivocal accusation that Iran is responsible for the attack gives every indication that such an attack is in offing. Bolton went even further, saying that by not mentioning Hezbollah, Netanyahu was very clearly saying that Israel will not just respond proportionately but will go after several facilities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Bolton, who is serving as one of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romneys foreign policy advisers, also said that although he does not believe that Israel intends to attack Irans nuclear facilities at this juncture, but that any strike against Iran would lead to a major escalation in the region which might entail an attack against Tehrans nuclear infrastructure. Bolton added that he expects that US forces in the area will be put on alert following the Bulgaria attack.

John Bolton and Mitt Romney