Former State Witness Found Murdered in Jaffa

Witness whose testimony led to charges against 14 individuals murdered overnight Thursday.

David Hokek, a 42-year-old Givatayim resident was shot to death overnight Thursday near the promenade that straddles the Tel Aviv-Jaffa border. In the past, Hokek served as a state witness in a case against the Rohan crime family of central Israel. As a result of his testimony, 14 individuals were convicted on gambling and embezzlement charges.

Because of the sensitivity of issues surrounding the murder, numerous senior police officials arrived at the scene of the murder, including Tel Aviv regional commander Aaron Axelrod.

Due to a police request, there is currently a prohibition order against reporting findings at the murder scene.

Shortly after midnight, Hokek was driving on Jerusalem Boulevard in Jaffa. The murder took place at the intersection of Eilat Street and Jerusalem Boulevard. Magen David Adom officials declared him dead at the scene.

In the past, a motorcycle was found closet to the victims home, containing a LAW, a shoulder-fired anti-tank projectile weapon. The police believed then that the weapon was intended for use on Hokek, after he became a witness for the state. 

Magen David Adom ambulance (illustrative).
Yaron Kaminsky