For Sunglass Sellers, There's No Shade - It's All Moshe Peretz, All the Time

Middle Eastern-style Israeli pop singer Moshe Peretz, the featured personality in sunglass retailer Erroca's current advertising campaign, is receiving round-the clock exposure on billboards and in Erroca's stores.

Moshe Peretz
Ron Kedmi

As part of the promotion, Erroca stores are playing his music constantly, day after day, at all of its 56 locations.

"We have three discs that repeat all day long," said an employee at one of the chain's branches in the north, who added: "At least it's a change of atmosphere from the foreign music that is usually played in the store, which we don't choose either."

While that branch loops a relatively generous three CDs, the location at the Herzliya Marina plays just one CD and a Tel Aviv branch repeats a playlist of only six Peretz songs. At that location, employees hear each song about 30 times a day.

One staffer there lamented: "I know he has come out with four albums, but we have just one disc with six songs. It would drive me crazy to hear any CD a million times a day, and it doesn't really matter who is singing."

'In touch' with Peretz's music

The chain's marketing director, Naomi Rudich, said the Moshe Peretz blitz was not the product of any contractual obligation with the singer. Instead, she said, it was "our own marketing decision as a chain" that customers and sales people be put in touch with Peretz's music.

Rudich said the music campaign will last only a week and a half, after which Peretz will simply be featured as one artist in the music playlist at Erroca stores.

Peretz and Erroca are both clients of publicist Zevik Dror, which explains how the match between the two came about. Peretz was quizzed recently by tax authorities over suspicions of alleged offenses. The investigation against him is ongoing.