Vegan Restaurant in Tel Aviv Serves Toasted Bread, Calls It 'Steak'

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Vegan steak: A slice of toast, aioli sauce and lettuce.Credit: Zekaim's Facebook page

Would you pay $10 for a bread “steak”? 

Vegan restaurant Zekaim - Original Vegan Boutique is dishing up a Caesar Salad interpretation that has the Israeli internet up in arms. 

The offense? The restaurant describes the centerpiece of the $10 dish as a “bread steak that comes out of the oven crispy and hot.” 

In other words, toast.

The dish consists of the aforementioned slice of toast, aioli sauce and lettuce.

The restaurant announced this dish as one of its specials last week, posting it to its Facebook page. The responses were quick to come, from everywhere from a Hebrew-language page called “Vegans That Make Me Sad” to the restaurant’s own page, which quickly filled up with joking retorts. 

One commenter attached his own photo, which he described as “tartar of fillet of sliced white bread on a bed of ketchup foam,” or in other words, ripped bead on ketchup. 

Another responded, “OK, bread steak, but why white bread stake? Some people keep kosher,” playing on the Israeli euphemism for pork, “white meat.”

Restaurant owner Hila Zekaim defended the dish in a conversation with news site Ynet, saying that she simply could have served croutons, lettuce and dressing and called it caesar salad, and no one would have batted an eye, even at the price - 39 shekels. However, Zekaim “always try to give the customer a different experience,” she said.

Veganism has been growing in popularity in Israel in recent years, with vegan restaurants opening to support the trend. In addition, many mainstream restaurants clearly mark vegan dishes on their menu. 

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