Tel Aviv Restaurant to Customer: 'Your Complaint Is as Fake as Your Purse'

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Tel Aviv restaurant David and Yosef.
Tel Aviv restaurant David and Yosef.Credit: David Bachar

A customer’s complaint posted to a Tel Aviv restaurant’s Facebook page drew a less-than-dignified reply by the restaurant itself and sparked waves among the local food scene.

The story began when one Noa Shahar made reservations for the Tel Aviv restaurant David and Yosef on a Thursday night. The restaurant neglected to inform her that it has a 200-shekel minimum order for reservations on Thursday nights, she alleged, leading to an uncomfortable situation.

“How are we doing? We’re not close to 200 shekels a person,” Shahar says the bartender said to her and her two friends. She responded by saying they hadn’t asked for the bill, and were ordering food at their own pace, she recounted.

From that point, various staff members and even the owner humiliated her, taking her to task for not ordering enough and dismissing her when she said she should be treated with respect as a customer no matter how much she ordered, Shahar recounted. 

The restaurant countered with a nasty public response.

“We took your complaint seriously and questioned the staff. First-class service providers whom you drove crazy, exhausted, trolled, cursed and even threatened!” the restaurant states, stating somewhat surprisingly, “We, as opposed to you, don’t believe in shaming.”

And then: “Your complaint is as false and fake as your handbag. If you thought that even for a moment writing a lengthy essay on our wall would win you some form of compensation, you’re wrong. You’re not wanted here, we’ll be happy never to see you again. Not you, and not others of your type.

The restaurant’s response drew a string of responses, many of them critical of the management’s conduct. 

“I’m considering coming to the restaurant during a visit to Israel, Will you accept me if I only have a real Prada bag, or does it need to cost a million shekels?” wrote one. 

Shahar stated in response that her handbag is actually a real Michael Kors, tossing in a few insults for the restaurant staff for good measure.

David and Yosef stated in response that Shahar had used homophobic slurs against restaurant staff members, and argued that she apparently hadn’t suffered too much there - she allegedly stayed until 1:30 A.M. 

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