Making the Most of Summer's Fruits: 10 Recipes

Summer feeds us with great fruits. Eat them fresh, and enjoy them in these 10 decadent dishes.

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Tabbouleh of sirloin and blackberry. Full of flavor and texture.Credit: Dan Peretz

Summer is upon us, and the fruits are in abundance. In honor, we've gathered a few of our favorite recipes that use summer fruits in some of the sweetest (and savory) ways. 

Chilean sea bass with prickly pear and mint ceviche

Cactus fruit, also known as prickly pear, grows wild all over Israel and is available during the summer months in every shuk, supermarket and in many side-of-the-road stalls. Its sweet taste makes it a versatile treat, whether on its own or as an accompaniment to other foods. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Chilean sea bass, prickly pear and mint ceviche. (Vered Guttman)

Prickly pear and white chocolate pavlova

Cactus fruit gives this pavlova a burst of freshness and a bright color. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Prickly pear and white chocolate pavlova. (Vered Guttman)

Plum jam 

Now that plums are becoming bountiful, it is a great time to preserve them for the rest of the year. This humble little fruit is perfect for jams, whether decadently spread over ice cream or mixed with butter on a slice of good toast. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Plum and star anise jam. (Vered Guttman)

Plum and anise bars

This delicious summer treat uses a special jam made of plums, star anise, and arak. Prepare the jam in advance and all that's left to do is bake. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Plum and anise bars. (Vered Guttman)

Blackberries: Tabbouleh with sirloin and blackberries; Feta and berry tabbouleh

The blackberry bush may be prickly but its fruit is sweet and soft, making blackberries the perfect summer ingredient for an unconventional tabbouleh. Recipes by Hedai Offaim. Get the recipes here.

Tabbouleh of sirloin and blackberry (Dan Peretz)

Strawberries and cream

Serving strawberries in pomegranate soup with a hint of arak liquor makes for an impressive and refreshing summer dessert. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Strawberries in pomegranate-arak soup with mascarpone cream. (Vered Guttman)

Plum cake

A simple way to make use of the complex flavor of plums. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Plum cake. (Vered Guttman)

Bread pudding with sweet summer fruits

This is the perfect time to make sweet bread pudding, before summer abruptly ends again and the wistfulness begins. Recipe by Hedai Offaim. Get the recipe here.

Bread pudding with summer fruits. (Dan Peretz)

Polish compote

Polish Jews are meticulous about cooking each fruit based on how quickly it softens. Apples and pears go first into the bubbling pot. Once they have softened they are joined by the other fruits, which need less time to cook. Compote is best served either hot or very cold, with a dollop of yogurt or sour cream. Recipe by Limor Laniado Tiroche. Get the recipe here.

Polish compote. (Limor Laniado Tiroche)