Passover Mains: From Morocco to Italy, Innovative Entrees for Your Seder

Looking for something different for your holiday meal, or simply want an elegant Passover dinner option? Check out these seven flavorful dishes.

Modern Manna recipe / Lamb, fennel and artichoke in egg-lemon sauce
Vered Guttman

What dish will star at your Passover seder? This collection of main courses pulls together selections from Morocco to Italy and Latin America - all of them bright departures from tradition.

Vered Guttman

Spring Lamb with roasted vegetables

While Ashkenazi Jews cling to the comfort offered by Central European wintery cuisine, the Sephardi cuisine from the Mediterranean and the Middle East naturally associates the holiday menu with spring. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Vered Guttman

Quinoa in coconut milk with yams and Tuscan kale

Interested in a healthful, vegan main dish? While there has been some disagreement as to whether quinoa is considered kitnioyt - and thererfore unacceptable for traditional Ashkenazim on Passover - most hold that quinoa is acceptable for the observant. The richness of coconut milk gives this dish a delicate undertone, adding to the crunch of the kale and yams. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Artichoke bottom stuffed with tilapia in wine sauce
Vered Guttman

Artichokes stuffed with tilapia in wine sauce

The natural bowl nestled within the tough leaves of the artichoke is the perfect versatile base for any savory filling. Vered Guttman offers up a delicate tilapia and white wine dish, perfect for Passover. Get the recipe here.

Vered Guttman

Sea bass, beet and radish ceviche

Ceviche, a Latin-American delicacy, is fish cured in citrus juice. This makes for a light, healthy main course, and Vered Guttman’s sea bass dish is bursting with color and flavor. Get the recipe here.

Dan Perez

Passover gnocchi

This Italian classic is easy to adapt for Passover by using matza meal and ground almonds in place of the traditional wheat flour. Recipe by Haim Cohen and Eli Landau. Get the recipe here.

Lamb, fennel and artichoke in egg-lemon sauce

This recipe is Italian inspired, but makes use of a Greek style egg-lemon sauce. Serve this with roasted potatoes to make for a delicious Passover main. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Vered Guttman

Moroccan Maakouda with dandelions

Here's another vegetarian main course option. Similar to the Ashkenazi potato kugel, maakouda is a simple pie of potatoes and eggs. The Maakouda is ideal for Passover, though in many Jewish Moroccan homes it is served year round. Get the recipe here.