From Traditional to Innovative: 7 Best Hamantaschen Recipes for Purim

Here are the best recipes for your classic Purim cookie

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Hamantaschen. Credit: Haaretz Archive

These three cornered cookies are the ultimate Purim treat. The most popular explanation for the tradition is that the cookie represents the hat of Haman, the Purim villain, although the true origin of the cookie's name is up for debate. Some say it comes from the German MohnTaschen, meaning ‘poppy pockets’. Other say the name comes from the Hebrew phrase “Haman tash” - “Haman was weakened,” so as to remind us that Mordechai could only beat Haman because God weakened him.

Etemology aside, hamantaschen are undoubtedly the most popular food for this holiday. We combed through the Haaretz archive in search of our best, most classic recipes. Here are our top recipes for this holiday staple.

1. Poppyseed hamantaschen

Poppyseed is your most traditional hamantaschen filling. This recipe takes an inspired twist from the addition of unsweetened cocoa, which deepens the rich poppy seed flavor without overpowering it. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Classic poppyseed hamentaschen.Credit: Afik Gabay

2. Halva hamantaschen

These hamantaschen are filled with homemade halva spread made from tahini and sugar syrup. Recipe by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Halva hamantaschenCredit: Vered Guttman

3. Caramel hamantaschen

Caramel is a classic flavor, even if the idea of putting it inside a Purim cooke isn't the most traditional. This delicious recipe comes from chef Michelle Ben-Sheetret. Get the recipe here.

Bakery.Credit: Idit Ben Ulliel

4. Date and whiskey hamantaschen

Celebrating Purim is about getting drunk - it's actually an obligation, according to the Talmud. Vered Guttman's boozy cookies for grownups are a fun alternative to drinking your alcohol. You'll also find recipes for chocolate rum filling and marzipan and amaretto filling here. Get the recipe here.

Purim Hamantaschen, a tasty treat for the holiday. Credit: Haaretz Archive

5. Lotus spread hamantaschen

Fill your hamantaschen with Lotus spread for an innovative, spiced twist on the Purim classic. You'll also find recipes for chocolate filling, vanilla cream filling and for classic poppyseed filling here. Recipes via CityMouse. Get the recipe here.

Hamentaschen filled with Lotus spread.Credit: Dania Weiner

6. Vegan chocolate and walnut hamantaschen

You don’t need to be a vegan to love this egg- and dairy-free recipe. Recipe by Sharon Ben-Tovim. Get the recipe here.

Vegan hamantaschen.

7. Confetti hamantaschen

Filled with cream cheese frosting, these confetti hamantaschen give a blast of color to our Purim favorites. You'll also find recipes for innovative fillings such as salted peanut and caramel, and halva and Nutella. Recipes by Vered Guttman. Get the recipe here.

Hamantaschen for Purim.Credit: Vered Guttman

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