A Simple Cheesecake in a Cup to Wow Your Guests

This Shavuot dessert is easy to make and looks impressive. No baking involved.

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Cheesecake in a cup.
Cheesecake in a cup. Credit: Vered Guttman

It’s that time of year when Jewish cooks run to their cookbooks for the holiday’s impossible task: finding a cheesecake recipe for Shavuot that is not only delicious, but also original. Or in other words, not your mother-in-law’s cheesecake.

Here’s a quick recipe that has not only a significant wow factor, but also avoids the classic cheesecake pitfall of being too sweet and too rich.

The labneh gives the cake a pleasant, slightly sour flavor, the berries keep it fresh, and the cup – well, that’s just for show.

Cheesecake in a cup

Labneh is available at Whole Foods, Middle Eastern markets and some kosher markets. You can substitute cream cheese if you can’t find labneh.

You will need eight glasses to make these cheesecakes.

Serves 8


7 oz. Petit Beurre or shortbread cookies

2 1/2 cups heavy cream

1/4 cup sugar

3.4 oz. instant vanilla pudding powder

1 lb. labneh or cream cheese

8 oz. (1 cup) Greek yogurt

5 oz. bittersweet chocolate

Berries for serving (optional)


1.Put Petit Beurre cookies in the bowl of a food processor and mix to create small crumbs. Set aside.

2.Put 2 cups of the heavy cream and the sugar in a bowl of a stand mixer and whip to very soft peaks. Add vanilla pudding and mix to dissolve, then add labneh and Greek yogurt and mix just until combined.

3.Put 2 tablespoons of cookie crumbs at the bottom of each glass, top with about 1/4cup of the labneh mixture, using a spoon to level top. Repeat with another layer of cookie crumbs and labneh mixture.

4.Put chocolate and 1/2cup heavy cream in a microwave-safe bowl and heat in 30 second intervals until the chocolate has melted. Let chocolate cool down for about 5 minutes, then slowly pour over labneh mixture and spread gently with the back of a spoon. Cover cups and refrigerate overnight. Serve topped with berries, or plain.

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