Two Cities, One Beer Festival

Haifa in the north and Ashdod in the south(ish) will this year play twin hosts to the annual Goldstar beer festival.

Goldstars annual beer festival is this year held over two days in two locations - Haifa in the north and Ashdod in the south(ish).

Top Israeli musical acts such as Rami Fortis, Hadag Nachash, Girafot, Eyal Ibn-Tzur, Noam Rotem all make appearance, and also on the bill are several surprises, food and booze stalls and beach-based activities.

This is the first year that the festival is taking place in Ashdod, and the sixth in Haifa. Amidst all the music, booze and beaches, there is also a chance to see the next big things in the world of beer.

The Haifa festival, which is the main event, kicks off on August 17 at the citys Students Beach.

Live music:
August 17: Elisha Banai and the 40 Thieves, Eyal Ibn-Tzur, Hadag Nachash and Rami Fortis
August 18: Brownies, the Last Generation, Noam Rotem, Girafot and Ivri Lider