Frozen coffee: making summer cooler. Roni Kashmin

The 6 Best Places for Iced Coffee in Tel Aviv

As the mercury rises, frozen coffee becomes the beverage of choice for many Israelis. We sample six café chains’ super-cool offerings.

With summer around the corner, this is the perfect time to chill out with the help of a great frozen coffee. Here are what six local coffee chains have to offer...


Roni Kashmin

The loveat chain claims it brought the organic coffee message to Israel with its 100 percent Arabica variety and Fair Trade certification. loveat employees say they prepare their frozen coffee on the premises twice a day, from real coffee. The bottom line is that the drink is sweet but strong, with the bitter coffee flavors balanced by just the right amount of sweetness. It has a good, consistent texture to the very last drop: Properly ground, not too thick or too thin, and the feel is almost foamy. A tasty drink, and the perfect way to pamper yourself on a hot day.

Price: 20 shekels ($5.15).

Upgrade: Frozen loveat, with bitter Belgian chocolate added to the standard frozen coffee (25 shekels).

Café Diem

Roni Kashmin

The Café Diem chain has two branches in Tel Aviv (in Tel Aviv Port and Sarona Market), but its coffee is so excellent it deserves a mention here – as does its frozen coffee. Except for the Italian coffee blends, which are roasted here in Israel, the experience is meant to resemble that of the espresso-downing, Italian café culture. The frozen coffee is a pleasure, with the chain’s unique coffee flavors making all the difference. The price is just a bonus.

Price: 12 shekels.

Upgrade: Try the affogato – a scoop of soft vanilla ice cream with a shot of hot espresso poured over it (15 shekels).

Café Louise

Roni Kashmin

Café Louise offers all sorts of coffees, with the emphasis on healthy drinks. The frozen coffee is another element of this health-conscious agenda. First, it’s prepared using pure organic coffee, not the powdered form. Second, it’s not presweetened. The small print on the menu tells you that you can sweeten it with agave nectar, honey or date honey. Third, the standard milk can substituted with soy milk or almond milk at no extra cost.

And what about the taste? In a word, great. This is the frozen coffee that comes closest to matching the coffee’s original taste, and arrives with a cheeky little addition: a small pile of roasted beans on top. The result is a delight for caffeine lovers who still want to pamper themselves with a frozen coffee.

Price: 18 shekels

Upgrade: What else do you need in addition to organic frozen coffee with almond milk and date honey? How about a shot of wheatgrass or a sparkling water on the side?

Café Joe

Roni Kashmin

To be honest, we never expected to find such tasty frozen coffee as we did at Café Joe – and certainly not at a branch that looked as if no one had visited it for a few decades (we also sampled the Menta gas station chain where Café Joe is also served).

Roni Kashmin
Roni Kashmin

The frozen coffee is called, aptly enough, Frozen Joe (a pun on the chain’s name in Hebrew). It comes in two sizes – large and small – and two versions, regular and diet. The diet version has half the calories of its regular frozen coffee. However, you should be aware that the diet version isn’t sugar free; rather, it’s made with half the amount of both sugar and milk, with more water added instead. We tried both versions and were surprised: we actually preferred the diet version. The diet Frozen Joe is refined and balanced. As well as being less sweet, you can also feel the bitterness of the coffee more, with a flowery vanilla finish loitering in the background.

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