Lieberman: Israel Won't Accept Alterations to Peace Treaty With Egypt

After Egypt has repeatedly called for changes in troop limits in Sinai, the foreign minister says there is 'no chance' Israel will agree to any change in the 1979 peace deal.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday that Israel will not agree to reevaluate its peace deal with Egypt amid growing insecurity along the states' shared border.

Speaking to Israel Radio, Lieberman said "there is no chance Israel will agree to any kind of change" in the historic 1979 peace agreement with Egypt.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood movement have repeatedly called for changes in troop limits in the increasingly lawless Sinai peninsula. Many Egyptians contend the limits infringe upon national sovereignty.

In a bid to halt the rising attacks by militants, Israel and Egypt have agreed to temporarily waive limits. However, several violent incidents occurred in recent months.

On Friday, an Israeli soldier was killed and another was wounded in a shootout with gunmen who approached the Israel-Egypt border from the Sinai peninsula.  Three terrorists were killed as a result of the clashes on the border.

Avigdor Lieberman
Tomer Appelbaum