Flying Abroad This Summer? Onboard Meal May Cost You

El Al subsidiary Sun D'Or to begin charging passengers for meals this summer as fuel prices skyrocket.

Sun D'Or Airlines, an El Al subsidiary, will begin charging passengers for meals as of July 22, in order to cope with the economic woes which have resulted from rising fuel prices.

The airline will reportedly offer meals for the price of NIS 15 or $5.00 on shorter flights lasting up to three hours, to destinations including Rome, Saloniki in Greece and Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Until now, Sun D'Or provided its passengers with meals free of charge in addition to sweets and soft drinks.

According to Sun D'Or CEO Bezalel Karvat, the company will widen the range of products being sold in the near future.

"The company expects an increase in its activity in the summer of 2008 in comparison to that of summer 2007.

"The airline will fly to 25 different destinations in the Mediteranean region and Europe throughout the summer," said Karvat.