Floating Voter / The Spy Who Loved Me

It's been a long time since Meretz got such an injection of vigor. I'm referring to the report about Jirias Jirias from the Galilee village of Fassuta, who is suspected of joining the party at the behest of Iranian intelligence. The Iranians, according to the report, were planning to infiltrate Israeli politics and solve its mysteries from within. The suspected spy rushed to fill out a form to join Meretz-Yahad, and even intended to sit on the Knesset's benches as a party member.

It is likely that Iranian intelligence knows something about Meretz that the party itself does not know. It didn't have an inkling that it is in the center of the action, that it is in on the secret, that its influence is infinitely greater than its size. Not for nothing did Tehran keep its eye specifically on Meretz, out of all the parties in Israel.

Iranian intelligence apparently also has a totally different assessment than the commonly accepted one regarding Meretz's chances in the upcoming elections. Maybe its numbers will grow - but that much? If a new member, who joined the party only six months ago, is already seen to have a good chance of being elected to a realistic spot in the Knesset, it must mean the party can expect a surprising and unprecedented electoral achievement.

Little Meretz, large Kadima

At the intelligence headquarters in Tehran, they presumably sat and analyzed, and reached the conclusion that although Meretz's position in the polls looks initially disappointing, it will ultimately accomplish a great deal. There's no doubt that things that one sees from there, one does not see from here, and that little Meretz is compared there to large Kadima, which has more seats in the Knesset than it has candidates.

The more interesting fact is that even members of our Shin Bet security service think that there is something behind this - that in spite of everything, there is something about Meretz that makes the service's Iranian counterparts take a special interest in it.

Say it, please: Isn't there something of the absurd in this story, that recalls the famous joke about the spy Rabinowitz from the third floor of a multi-family house, which we will tell in full another time?

I don't know this Jirias Jirias, and until two days ago I hadn't even heard his name. And as far as I know, no one in Meretz knows him. But in his astonishing choice of this party, we should all be comforted, even the Shin Bet. His choice shows that he doesn't know his right from his left, which he already proved in his first step, and exposed an outrageous lack of knowledge - quite the unsuccessful spy.

It wasn't only in Meretz that the report was received with noisy, yet encouraging, enthusiasm. That's how it should be received by humankind as a whole - as one small step for a modest Israeli party ahead of the March 28 elections, and as one great step for mankind ahead of a better tomorrow.

If Iran prepares its nuclear bomb the way it prepares its spies, then the whole world will benefit: It will be freed of the terrible threat to its existence.