Floating Voter / He Banged and Banged

There it was again, that familiar banging on the table, echoing from one end of the country to the other. It is the prime minister banging on the table - who will not fear and do immediately what is required and even beyond?

At the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, as at every meeting, Ariel Sharon announced with pre-cathetarization decisiveness that this situation simply cannot go on - he personally will see to it that organized crime in Israel will be defeated. Sharon was "taking very seriously" the crime that has invaded our lives. He is tough and commanding, even if the criminals are not scared of him just yet, as we noticed from the events at the Daniel Hotel on Monday.

Sharon will not under any circumstances accept organized crime, just as he was once unwilling to accept poverty. Each time the annual poverty reports were published he banged on the table, and the entire media was called to hear and subsequently to proclaim that the prime minister was "taking very seriously" the grave findings, and he would not rest until the stain of poverty was wiped out.

Sharon, as is well known, is a bulldozer. He does what he says he will, and a committee comes into existence that knows its obligation and its time-table.

Sharon also banged on the table when fatal traffic accidents mushroomed one week. He banged on the table when it turned out there were hungry children in Israel, and when the school lunch program got bogged down. He banged when the reality came to light about the elderly, cast aside in their old age. He banged on the table when the suffering of Holocaust survivors among us became public, and when the sick did not find their medicine in the health basket, and when four years ago the first signs of corruption were identified in the Likud Central Committee voting for Knesset candidates. And he banged and he banged and he banged; the whole land was filled with his banging.

We heard with our own ears how at the beginning of one cabinet meeting following a series of murderous attacks, the prime minister directed the security services "to fight terror to the utmost." How lucky we were then, that the prime minister was finally lighting the way for those who walk in darkness, and who have no idea what their task is.

It must be assumed that the closer we get to Election Day, the more blows the table will take, to the point where Sharon's indentured servants in Kadima will have only crumbs to pick up. The motif of table-banging will go on from meeting to meeting. Sharon is like fate; he is our fate.

When I heard the last spate of table-banging this week, I knew it was a goner. From the moment that a "special team" was established, a synonym for a committee, the crime families can relax. Let them ask the poor, the children, the elderly, the Holocaust survivors, the sick; they will report what has taken place since the last time they were the subject of the table- banging. What did not take place, actually.

When the special team holds its first meeting, they should first of all discuss the crime that is more or less organized in the police. Before the Israel Police turns to the crimes of others, let it first uproot the evil from within. This evil is coming to light more and more in the deliberations of the Zeiler Committee, which is investigating the Parinyan brothers case. Perhaps Officer A. is telling the truth, and perhaps Officer B. is. The picture in any case is nauseating. Who will guard the guards, and who will investigate the investigators?

I have one more recommendation to the special team: let them please ask ask Sharon to not only bang on the emptying cabinet table, but also at the filling table at Sycamore Ranch.