Floating Voter / Every Deputy Has His Day

1. I would like to make a conjecture about what Ariel Sharon will say when he awakens from his coma. Perhaps this is not conjecture, but rather a fervent hope. If only these will be his famous first words: "The things you see from there, I didn't see from here."

2. One can of course be angry with Benjamin Netanyahu for presenting himself as the "true heir" of Ariel Sharon. One can protest or even denounce him. Indeed, in the past 24 hours there have been plenty of angry, protesting and denouncing people. It is only a matter of time before someone, filled with wrathful indignation like an angry prophet, confronts Netanyahu for pretending to the throne after quitting the royal court, or, alternatively, for pretending to the throne after slinging mud? There is also no doubt that someone from among the most confidential of confidants will arise and demand the attorney general charge Netanyahu with impersonation. It would be very easy to find the appropriate laws in the criminal code.

I have no truck with scandalmongers. I recommend taking a positive, useful approach. In the past few days no effort has been saved to wake the prime minister and return him to consciousness. Among other things, it has been reported that Mozart - who was born 250 years ago and still lives on - is being played in his room, as well as, not to confuse the two, a sublimely patriotic song performed by Rivka Zohar. If only he would finally awaken.

It is not only his sense of hearing, but also his sense of smell, that is being stimulated. There were reports that trays filled with shwarma (grilled meat) were rushed to the recovery room in the hopes that Sharon would smell the aroma of one of his favorite foods, open his eyes and ask for some. And as if all that were not enough, "the possibility of playing him broadcasts from the 1973 war has not been ruled out," a source at the hospital said last night. Unbelievable, but it was in the news.

As part of this concentrated assault on most of the senses, allow me to propose a particularly strong stimulus to the sense of good taste. I suggest playing Sharon choice excerpts from Netanyahu's interview to The New York Times. If they don't get the prime minister onto his feet, or at least tickle him back to life, then his condition is truly grave.

3. Ehud Olmert has accumulated considerable assets during his political career. Broad public support was never prominent among them. In all the surveys published up until Sharon's hospitalization Olmert did not stand out as a popular favorite. In his previous party, the Likud, he was barely elected and before his change of locale and luck, as the saying goes, he was expected to have even more difficulty this time.

Wonder of wonders: the minute Olmert was picked as acting prime minister and Kadima head he leaps to the top of the candidates hit parade and then showers his party with generous lashings of putative Knesset seats - even more than Sharon himself was expected to garner.

How did it happen that Olmert grew up overnight, like the gourd that grew to shade Jonah the Prophet, without any labor on his part? The answer is simple: he did not labor, but rather he was awarded a title, and there is much majesty in the title of prime minister. Therefore, one must never belittle the position of deputy or those who insist on being named as such, because one never knows what the day will bring, or bring down.

Every dog has his day, especially when a crown, or title, is placed on his head.