Floating Voter / Enough Already!

Enough, enough, enough, enough! It's nearly four decades of occupation and settlements, settlements and occupation. For how long will these settlers continue to run us around, lie to us, take from us?

On the one hand they're all for the state, of course, only they object to its chosen institutions and their legal authority; they are trustees of the court and friends of the High Court of Justice, of course, as long as the courts do as they wish and woe betide the judges who refuse to comply. They love soldiers and policemen, of course, because "they are our sons and brothers," but have no problem attacking them, endangering their lives, cursing and humiliating them.

They are great lovers of Israel, of course, and in the name of love they spread their hatred. They object to military insubordination, mainly left wing insubordination. They want with all their heart to avoid bloodshed and civil war, of course, but here in Amona it's not that sissy limp Gush Katif - here there'll be war. They are always in favor of compromise, as long as it's rotten from within; as long as the state-within-a- state triumphs, while the the state itself surrenders. They are for ad hoc agreements, of course, until further clarification, as long as they can throw sand in the public's eyes and continue their wheeling and dealing forever.

Enough, enough, enough, enough. Four times enough. The entire settlement project is, after all, greed and stratagems, old wounds and new bruises. The passing years have not dimmed all the maneuvers and ruses, the tricks and shticks - how the settlements popped up as temporary work camps for archaeologists and meteorologists, farms for breeding lice eggs and growing oryx-horns. As as if we haven't regretted the first ones enough, now they're adding more and there are still people helping them.

After preparing the resistance on location, setting up the catapult stockpiles and concocting the dangerous solutions, and after the masked youths had reported for battle, and after warning and threatening and frightening and then demonstrating their threats, they plucked a judge from bed in the middle of the night. He, in his pajamas, gave them an interim injunction. In a midnight call they confused, as they usually do, the attorney general, for there is no greater expert than Haman Porat for confusing and rolling eyes sanctimoniously heavenward, until heaven itself is confused.

With all due respect, Justice Elyakim Rubinstein should not have touched the Amona affair. This honorable judge is both involved and tainted. In his term as attorney general, settlements popped up like poisonous mushrooms, and it was clear that he had a taste for mushrooms.

The full details may be found in the Talia Sasson report, whose burial place is known - it's in the plot reserved for reports presented to the cabinet.

Yesterday's evacuation and demolition process was a rocky road for the policemen and policewomen, who had rocks thrown at them. Who authorized Ehud Olmert and Gideon Ezra and the police commissioner to endanger their subordinates' lives? No, I'm not recommending shooting the Jewish intifada perpetrators as they shoot Palestinians in the territories or Israeli Arabs. Nor do I recommend demolishing houses while their tenants are in them. But to avoid using gas grenades to avoid saving lives? No one has yet been killed by these grenades. But policemen could have been seriously hurt - or worse. And whose fault would it have been? His commander and all those who gave them the orders.

Among the wounded and bleeding in the field, among the large boulders hurled with the intention of cracking heads, through the fire and smoke, one could still discern a good omen. If on the eve of elections - when every vote counts, and nobody moves a finger without a public opinion poll - they evacuate nine houses, it could only mean that this is an act which most of the public accepts and desires.

Blessed is He who has kept us alive and has preserved us and enabled to reach the time of evacuation, even if only a sample of it. Even Ehud Olmert and his colleagues, formerly the redeemers of the soil of our greater Israel, the settlers land, even they are saying - enough already! Even they are sensing that in the middle of winter, the ill wind has changed its course.