First Reading on Bill to Change Appointment Committee on Monday

Coalition's efforts to quickly pass bill in Knesset failed; it will not be completed before Israel Bar Association representatives to committee for judge selection elected next Tuesday.

The Knesset plenum is expected to vote tomorrow on a first reading of legislation for changing the makeup of judges' appointment committee. The coalition's efforts to quickly pass the bill in the Knesset failed, and it will not be completed before the representatives of the Israel Bar Association to the committee for judge selection are elected next Tuesday.

This has led one of the MKs who initiated the bill, coalition chairman Zeev Elkin, to recommend the inclusion of a new article in the bill, which would require the Bar Association to hold new elections to select their representative for the committee, once the new bill becomes law.

Political sources said yesterday that Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman, will delay the discussions on the appointment of judges until the composition of the committee is changed in line with the new law, something which would occur in a few months.

Last week the authors of the bill introduced another change in order to deal with the ruling that the original bill contradicted the Basic Law on The Judiciary.

The original version of the bill proposed that the Bar Association would have to select one representative each, from the coalition and the opposition, to be members in the judges' appointment committee. But the Basic Law requires that the elections will be free and unconditional.

The new proposal, which was approved last week, states that the identity of the representatives will be unconditional, but there will need to be a two-thirds majority for each of the candidates elected by the Bar Association to represent it on the committee.