Mosque Blaze Was an Electrical Fire, Not Arson, Firefighters Say

Mosque in the village of Mughayer, close to Ramallah in the West Bank, contained no traces of flammable liquids or materials.


Israeli firefighters have determined that a fire at a mosque in early November was an electrical fire, rather than an act of arson as was previously believed.

Overnight on November 12, Palestinians in the village of Mughayer, close to Ramallah, noticed that the village Mosque had gone up in flames. Locals claimed that the mosque had been set ablaze by arsonists from a nearby Jewish settlement. Both Israeli police and firefighters arrived on the scene to investigate.

Firefighters found no traces of flammable materials or liquids, nor was any racist graffiti found at the scene. The electric fire is believed to have been caused by a space heater. The second floor of the mosque suffered extensive damage.