Firefighters Hope Rain Forecasts Will Finally Come True

North expected to see 15-30 millimeters of precipitation, at long last.

Firefighters expressed hope yesterday that the forecasts of rain would come true, helping them quench flames in the Carmel Forest and head off new fires.

The north, including the Carmel region, is forecasted to get 15 to 30 millimeters of rain today, while the center of the country is forecasted to get 10 to 20 millimeters.

The rain was expected to begin last night and fall all day today.

Forecaster Oren Davidov of the weather forecasting firm Meteo-Tech said the entire north should see a weather system bringing rain and relatively strong winds.

"The question is whether the winds will cause the fires to spread, but because it will be both cold and rainy, I assume it will have the opposite effect," Davidov explained.

He added that it is difficult to predict how much rain would fall in the Carmel region in particular and the extent that it would affect the situation on the ground.

Light rain is predicted for the north and along the coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, with an additional chance of light local rain on Thursday as well.

Davidov adds that it appears the weekend will be very stormy with heavy rain and a chance of hail in the north and center, and a slight chance of snow on Mount Hermon.