'Finish Off What Hitler Started'

Rightist calls for death to Ashkenazim

A right-wing extremist has been disseminating calls for the assassination of leftists and Ashkenazim on Internet sites in Israel and abroad.

One film clip posted on YouTube, for instance, declares: "You are about to view a handful of leftist Ashkenazim that Hitler and Eichmann did not manage to incinerate. Before we begin, please remember: 90 percent of the moderate left are Ashkenazim!! 100 percent of the extreme left are Ashkenazim!!"

Next comes a picture of President Shimon Peres with the caption: "The murderer!" It is followed by pictures of Benjamin Netanyahu, Yossi Beilin and other politicians.

The clip concludes: "Now, after you have seen these unclean Ashkenazim, how degraded the Ashkenazi race is, and what a pity it is that Hitler and Eichmann did not finish off the Ashkenazim, I ask of you: Search for information on Google about Stiven Malik; there 'the document' awaits you."

The document in question is also full of incitement to violence: "If only we, too, could finish what Hitler began by destroying all the Ashkenazim, the descendants of the Jews who betrayed Germany."

Supportive comments have been posted on the Stiven Malik forum on the Israeli portal 2all; the forum has received thousands of visitors in recent month. Malik's anti-Ashkenazi incitement can also be found on the Israeli portals Tapuz and goop.co.il and on sites such as fresh.co.il.

A Haaretz investigation has concluded that "Malik" is a fictitious name used by a right-wing extremist who was once affiliated with Baruch Marzel's Jewish Front party, but was later expelled from it.

After Haaretz approached the relevant Israeli portals, some of Malik's writings were removed. Tapuz said it had given the material to the police, and Peres's office said it had given it to the Shin Bet security service. YouTube had not responded by press time.