Israel Police Link Fingerprints to Boys Suspected of Hurling Fire Bomb at Palestinian Taxi

In light of new forensic evidence presented by the police, Judge Yaron Mintkevich extends remand of the three suspects by 96 hours.

A Jerusalem magistrate's court remanded three boys suspected of hurling a fire bomb at a Palestinian taxi by 96 additional hours, only a day after the presiding judge criticized the police, saying they lack substantial evidence against the suspects.

The court's decision on Monday came after the police introduced hard evidence linking the boys to the incident. The police said they possess forensic evidence, however its nature was not revealed.

Haaretz has learned that the evidence found by the police is a fingerprint found on the scene.

Defense attorneys David Halevy and Adi Keidar told the court that even if fact there is new forensic evidence, it links only one of the three suspects to the scene of the crime. The lawyers said the evidence should be examined in a lab and there is no reason to hold the three minors in custody.

The three suspects have decided to reserve the right to silence, however their attorneys claim they are not linked to the crime.

In his ruling, Judge Yaron Mintkevich said he rules to keep the boys in police custody with a heavy heart, due to their age, however he stands behind his decision in light of the severity of the crime and the evidence presented.

Israel Police arrested on Sunday the boys, aged 12 and 13, over suspicion they were behind the hurling of fire bombs at a Palestinian taxi in the West Bank. The attack resulted in the wounding of six Palestinians.  

Palestinian taxi cab - Israel Police - 16.8.2012
Israel Police