Film Center Launches Database of Israeli Movies

The Israeli Film Database, a comprehensive English-language resource on Israeli films, has recently been launched on the Web site of the New York-based Israel Film Center.

The database allows Web users to search through Israeli films and filmmakers according to year of release, genre, topic and other categories. "The Israeli Film Database," the site says, "aims to serve film presenters, industry people, and the general public both in Israel and the U.S."

The Israel Film Center ( is a project of the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, and serves as a leading presenter of Israeli arts and culture in New York. Both the center and its database were established with private donations of over $100,000. The database was begun two years ago, and since then a staff of 12 employees attempted to enter as much information as possible on Israeli cinema.

Employees said the information contained in the database was taken from a number of sources including the filmmakers themselves, distributors, various Israeli film funds and the Jerusalem Cinematheque. The Web site also invites Israeli film industry figures to add their personal details.