Fearing Revenge, Family of Twins Suspected of Killing Boy Move Out of Bnei Ayish

The family of twin brothers suspected of molesting and murdering a 7-year-old boy last week moved out of their home just south of Rehovot yesterday, saying they feared retribution for the killing.

The father of twins Naor and Adir Sudmi, who are in their 20s, has said police warned the family of possible reprisal assaults.

The Sudmi family said vandals have attempted to damage their Bnei Ayish home.

However, a neighbor said the twins' parents and sister were moving because of a sense of shame.

'Ashamed to show their faces'

"They are apparently ashamed to show their faces in the neighborhood after what their sons have done," the neighbor said.

The twins are suspected of sexually assaulting Leon Kalantarov of Ashdod, who was reported missing Thursday, and strangling him to death.

His body was found in their room before dawn Friday.

On Friday, the court extended the twins' remand by seven days.

Naor and Adir Sudmi have denied any wrongdoing.

A source providing welfare services said the twins have a history of violent offenses and that they had been committed for related offenses to the Neveh Horesh institute for delinquent youths.

The suspects had been arrested and placed under custody on suspicion of exposing themselves to children and committing violent acts.

They were released 10 days before Kalantarov's body was found.

Police said they had previously received a social worker's report about the brothers' conduct.

Six weeks ago police investigated a report that one of the brothers had gotten into a fight with a man who accused them of molesting children.