Facebook Rejects Request to Pull 'Shoot a Terrorist' Page

Page calling for killing Palestinian terrorists 'every hour' until abducted Israeli teens return has over 18,000 likes.

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'Until the boys return - shoot a terrorist every hour' Facebook page, June 16, 2014.
'Until the boys return - shoot a terrorist every hour' Facebook page, June 16, 2014.Credit: Facebook screenshot

Facebook administrators rejected a request made by an Israeli journalist to take down a popular new Facebook page in Hebrew entitled "Until the boys return – shoot a terrorist every hour."

The page, set up in reaction to Thursday night's kidnapping of three Israel teenagers in the West Bank, quickly garnered attention, with over 18,000 "likes" as of Tuesday. It directs public vengefulness at convicted Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons in the wake of the kidnapping. 

"They should put poison in their cake, let them die, may their names and memories be erased! Death to terrorists!!!!!" reads one comment.

"How bad, how bad I want to shoot you all in the head, ahhhhhh. What a dream, I hope in this life I'll have the chance to murder an Arab leftist or Israeli leftist," read another.

The page has also attracted a lot of backlash.

"Kill a Zionist every second," wrote one dissenter.

"Fuck you, you vile human garbage," was another response.

Also mentioned on the page is the call by former Knesset member Michael Ben-Ari to hold public hangings of terrorists. Saying the government wants the public to devote itself to prayers rather than demands for action, Ben-Ari writes, "I prefer that the main prayer gatherings be held in destroyed mosques."

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