Fayyad Tells Washington Post: I May Run for President of PA Unity Government

Tension between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is expected to reach new heights, following an interview published in the Washington Post this weekend in which Fayyad indicated he may run for president of a new unity government forged with Hamas.

Fayyad claimed that Abbas and Hamas are working in unison to prevent elections, and declared for the first time that he would not rule out the possibility of running as a presidential candidate.

"If I rate my prospects as reasonable, I will try my hand," he said. "I think it is doable."

Over the past year, relations between Abbas and Fayyad have hit an all-time low. Abbas has been actively working to oust Fayyad, and it is expected that Fayyad will leave his post amid talks with Hamas regarding a new unity government.

Neither Abbas nor Hamas' leadership appear interested in holding elections, apparently fearing they would lose political power.

In the interview with the Washington Post, Fayyad expressed unprecedented criticism of Abbas. "If you ask me, I am not convinced that there is seriousness about elections," Fayyad was quoted as saying.