Father, Son Hit and Killed While Walking Along Highway Near Home in North

A father and son were run over and killed Sunday night while walking alongside a highway near their home in Moshav Elyakim in the north.

The driver, who called emergency services immediately after the accident, is in police custody. Police are considering charging him with manslaughter.

"This is a wide, well-lit road. I still can't comprehend that I lost Aryeh and Ido," said Dina Achdari yesterday, referring to her husband, 51, and son, 24.

Immediately after the accident, Rafa Abu Ghosh, 41, of Maghar, called police to say he had hit something. Police found Aryeh Achdari's body on the side of the road. Several hours later, when Achdari's brother came looking for him, he told police that Achdari had been out with his son. Only then was the son's body found.

At his hearing yesterday at Nazareth Traffic Court, Abu Ghosh apologized to the victims' family.

"I don't understand how this happened - I wouldn't even hit a cat. I want to give the family my condolences," he said.

Abu Ghosh told investigators he had been driving south on Route 6 (the Trans-Israel Highway). When he turned onto Route 70, another vehicle passed him, forcing him to swerve onto the shoulder.

Abu Ghosh apparently hit the two pedestrians and then collided with a security barrier, said Amakim District Chief Inspector Uzi Hadar.

Route 70 is very congested, and has become more so since an exit was constructed from Route 6.

While it is not illegal for pedestrians to walk along highways, police recommend against it.

Father and son often went for walks together, said Dina Achdari. "They are physically large people, and it's impossible the driver didn't see them," she said.

Ido was Aryeh's only son. His fiancee, Sandra Hodak, said yesterday the two were planning to mark their three-year anniversary at a bed-and-breakfast.

Dina Achdari said she is still struggling to come to terms with the loss.

"Aryeh and I were a happy couple, peas in a pod. When we were together we'd laugh all the time. I was his soul mate and he was mine," she said.