Father of Slain Informant: Police Were Involved in My Son's Murder

Informant Eyal Salhov had worked 8 years passing information to police from within an alleged crime organization

Two days ago, Yossi Salhov watched a news report on criticism of the police by Commander (ret.) Yisrael Abarbanel, the former head of the intelligence gathering department in the national headquarters. Abarbanel was speaking about the murders, in two separate incidents in late 2006, of two police informants.

What he heard made Salhov fume. Since the killing of his son, Eyal, one of the informants, that October, he has approached countless law-enforcement officials to demand an investigation of what he believes was the police negligence that led to incident.

Eyal Salhov had worked over an eight-year period passing on to the police information he picked up from within the alleged Avi Rohan crime organization of Bnei Brak.

In a conversation with Haaretz, Salhov leveled harsh accusations at the police in general, and senior Central District officials in particular, regarding the period prior to the murder. His anger is directed at the man who was commander of the Central District commander at the time, David Cohen, who is now the police commissioner; and the then-commander of the district's central unit, Roni Ritman, now the commander of the International and Serious Crimes Unit. The father's arguments were reinforced by a report in Haaretz last October, and again two days ago, in a report on TV Channel 2 regarding a review by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss of the police actions in the murder case.

"The press is saying what I said and knew all along, that the police were involved in the murder of my son," says Salhov. "I don't understand how for two years and four months, no one dealt with the policemen who were involved in the case, how no one is being held accountable for my son's death."