Fatal Stabbing Near Netivot Resulted From Cousin's Broken Heart, Court Told

Yaad Khalili, 22, from moshav Ma'agalim near Netivot is accused of killing a man who made his cousin cry, the Beer Sheva District Court heard yesterday. According to the indictment, on December 3, at around half-past-three in the morning, the victim, Nissim Asido, was in a Netivot club with his girlfriend, and they were seen by an ex-girlfriend, who began crying. The couple left the club because of the scene, and the ex-girlfriend met her cousin, Khalili, and told him she saw Assido kissing someone else. Khalili reportedly promised her Assido would be taken care of.

Khalili allegedly set out across town to look for Assido, while threatening him by cell phone; prosecutors said Khalili explicitly threatened he was going to kill him. After learning that Assido and his girlfriend had stopped at the entrance to Netivot, Khalili drove there, entered a shop with a knife, walked over to Assido and started a fight.

The prosecution said the accused stabbed his victims four times, plunging the knife deep into his chest and stomach. He then got into his car and drove off; Assido died on the way to hospital.

Khalili's attorney, Esther Bar Tzion, said after the hearing that "the death of a person, certainly a young person, is difficult and tragic. Yaad Khalili did not have any intention to cause a lethal outcome. This is a young man without a criminal record, and we will hold this trial in court, not in the media."