Farhan Changes Tack: I'm Innocent, and So Is Zadorov

Adwan Farhan, suspected of murdering four people over several years, now says that not only is he innocent, but that Roman Zadorov, charged with murdering 13-year-old Tair Rada, is also not guilty.

Farhan made the statements at the Nazareth Magistrate's Court during a hearing on his attorney's request that he be sent for psychiatric examination.

Following his remarks, it emerged that Farhan had put Zadorov's defense team in touch with a prisoner identified as D.Y., who testified at Zadorov's trial that a police translator who claimed Zadorov had told him he killed the girl, had lied.

Galil Spiegel, Zadorov's attorney, said, "A year and a half ago, Farhan contacted me saying he had information on the Zadorov case, and that I should come meet him at Shata prison. He said he was doing so because it was important to him that an innocent person not sit in jail."

At the meeting, Farhan told the attorney what D.Y. had told him, and Spiegel then met with D.Y., who is now a central defense witness in Zadorov's trial. Spiegel said Farhan is on the list of defense witnesses, and may even testify in court.

She also said Farhan told her that Y., his ex-girlfriend, gave police incriminating accounts of their alleged criminal activity as "revenge" because he left her.

Farhan stands accused of murdering Israeli-American teenager Dana Bennet, a Czech tourist, Farhan's cell mate and an unidentified friend.

Judge Georges Azoulay acceded to the request of Tami Ulman, Farhan's attorney, to have him admitted to hospital for psychiatric examination, and sent him to Sha'ar Menashe Hospital in Pardes Hannah.