Family Row Ends in Brutal Ax Murder; Police Suspect Brother

Police suspect a 25-year-old man from the lower Galilee yesterday hacked his sister to death with an ax. The body was found in the victim's home in Kfar Shibli.

The body of Fassaiyel Shara'an Shibli was found in the lounge room of the house where the 34-year-old woman lived with her husband's family. Police said the perpetrator dealt numerous blows to the woman's head while she was folding clothes on the sofa.

A preliminary investigation by the Afula police station led to the brother, with whom the sister apparently had a long argument just before the murder. The brother, who lives in nearby Kfar Meser, was arrested along with the woman's brother-in-law.

"When I entered the woman's house, she was lying without any sign of life and looked in very bad shape," said the head of the Shibli Umm al-Ghanam local council, Abdal Salam Shibli. "It is a very sad story and we hope that the police will find those responsible for the murder."

The police were called to the house before, after arguments had broken out in the past between the two families that shared the place, but according to Superintendent Orli Malka, these were not quarrels that foreshadowed murder. Neighbors described the victim as "a quiet person."

The building was fitted with security cameras which the police confiscated yesterday in the hope of recovering video documentation of the murder.