Family of Former SLA Man Killed in NY Crash Slams State Response

Every so often, Hinad Abu Kram stands up and walks to a photograph of her son, George, and kisses it. She then returns to her seat and cries quietly.

A month after George died in a plane crash in Buffalo, N.Y., the mother and her three daughters cannot fathom the disaster.

"This is the end of the world. We cannot go on living after such a blow. So many people needed George, why did God take him?" Naifa, his sister, says.

But the family is also complaining that not only have they lost their loved one - the state has abandoned them, too. They are upset because they traveled to the U.S. and not a single official came to visit them in their time of need.

Still waiting

"On the day of the disaster, we received a call in the evening from someone at the Foreign Ministry who told us that George had probably been killed in the plane crash, and promised to be in touch. We are still waiting," Naifa says.

"We expected someone from the consulate to come and ask if we needed help, but nothing. We do not know English, it is hard. Couldn't they send an official representative? Are we not Israeli citizens? Why has everyone ignored us?"

The family says that the only people who helped were members of the Lebanese community in Buffalo.

"We had no idea that the family was in the United States," Alon Shumer of the Israel Consulate in New York said this week. "We had not received any request for assistance from any family member or any other person."

"When the incident occurred, we spoke with the family by telephone and made it clear to them that we would provide them with any help or information they would ask for. We did not receive any request or phone call since," he added.