Eyal Golan Testified on Ties to Mobster's Casino Ship

Entertainer Eyal Golan, a prosecution witness in the case against reputed mob boss Hagai Zaguri, admitted during questioning last month that he had accepted credit from a casino cruise ship allegedly operated by Zaguri.

Earlier this week an indictment was filed at Be'er Sheva District Court against Zaguri on charges linked to the murder of Israel national soccer team player Eli Uzan, as well as drug trafficking, extortion, loan-sharking and operating illegal gambling sites.

At his February 21 questioning, Golan told police, "I'm familiar with the ship. I don't come to it to gamble, but to perform, and then I play the games there."

The singer said his manager, Golan Sharabi, regularly accepted credit from Eli Ben Abu, suspected of managing the casino.

Asked about the amount of gambling credit he received, Golan replied, "I don't know how much credit I took or whether a debt remained. Golan Sharabi takes care of it."

Golan was later asked if he still owes money to the casino. "There might have been a time when I reached a $25,000 debt that I had built up on credit," he said, adding, "but I returned that money." The singer said the highest sum he had ever lost on a single cruise was "maybe $18,000."

Golan also told investigators about his links to Zaguri and Rami Ezran, who police say is the alleged mob boss's right-hand man. Golan said he performed on the ship once a month and is acquainted with almost all of its employees, and that he had spoken with Ezran several times by phone but had never met him outside the casino.