Extremist Haredim Vow to Renew Shabbat Battle Against Intel

More radical factions unsatisfied with company's pledge to employ only non-Jews on weekends.

The agreements reached this week between Intel and the Committee of Rabbis for the Sanctity of Shabbat will not guarantee a calm Saturday around the factory on Har Hotzvim in Jerusalem.

Unlike the mainstream ultra-Orthodox factions, the extremist elements in the Haredi community began preparations Thursday to resume demonstrations near the Intel facility because of the company's intentions to run the factory seven days a week.

There were no reports last night that the Haredi leader, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, had approved the agreement reached by the Committee of Rabbis with the Intel management.

Earlier in the week, the company had agreed to only allow production at the factory over the weekend with non-Jewish workers.

Haaretz learned that the Committee of Rabbis encountered difficulties in gaining the approval of senior figures in the community, including Elyashiv, mostly because of the rabbis' concern that Jews would continue to be employed in the factory on Shabbat.

Another concern was that Elyashiv is afraid of setting a precedent in which factories will be permitted to operate on Shabbat, even if the employees are not Jewish.

Committee sources said Thursday that despite the difficulties, the agreement would be approved and the targeting of Intel would cease.

However, the more radical factions are not convinced and preparations are underway to continue demonstrations over the weekend.