Extortion Allegation Shocks Legal System

A former girlfriend's alleged attempt to extort a police prosecutor has shocked the legal system, due to the officer's claim that a retired senior judge knew of the attempt but did nothing to stop it.

The allegations, revealed in a complaint that the officer filed with the police last Thursday, were reported in Haaretz on Friday.

The complaint stated that the officer received a phone call last week from a friend of his ex-girlfriend, who is an attorney. She allegedly told him that if he did not give the ex-girlfriend NIS 32,000, the two women would file a false complaint against him to the Justice Ministry department that investigates police misconduct, charging that he uses drugs and has taken bribes from defendants in cases he prosecuted.

The complaint also charged that the ex-girlfriend's father, a former senior judge, and her mother both not only knew of the attempt but even actively participated in it.

The ex-girlfriend, meanwhile, told the media yesterday that she has no reason to suspect the officer of taking bribes or of any other criminal offense related to his work, but had intended to file a complaint against him to the Justice Ministry on very different charges: threats and violence against herself.

"This man's harassment of me is insane," she said. "He has been extorting me and my parents with threats for two months now. I'm afraid to stick my nose out the door because of him. I told him I would go to the [Justice Ministry] department, and that would lead to him sitting in jail. He knows it and is afraid of it. What was published in the paper [i.e. the Haaretz report] is a lie, and the complaint filed to the police is a lie."