Ex-Mossad Man May Coordinate Winograd

A former senior Mossad officer, Shuki de Goffer, is the candidate for the sensitive and important role of coordinator in the Winograd Committee investigating the Lebanon War.

De Goffer, formerly director at the office of Nahum Admoni, who headed the intelligence organization in the 1980s, held a number of posts in the Mossad.

Former colleagues familiar with him and his work said that he is not qualified for the position because of a number of cases in which ethical questions were raised regarding his conduct. The coordinator of an investigation committee is responsible for the teams of researchers collecting information and carrying out interviews, including secret documents, the call-up of witnesses and helping the committee members prepare for questioning witnesses.

Judge Winograd told Haaretz yesterday that a coordinator for the committee has yet to be selected and that there were a number of candidates for the post.