Everything Is Personal, Almost

If one politician demands a suitable response to Qassam rockets, a rival will propose otherwise. That?s the way we make decisions in this country, as with the house in Hebron.

A person is close to himself, and homo politicus is even closer. And the prohibitions against incest actually don't apply to self-love. Let's admit it, total altruists do not go into politics, nor do very modest people. But there should be a limit even to egoism - a limit to me first.

The ruler of Qatar made a mistake when he phoned Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and asked her to permit a ship carrying aid to unload in Gaza. Had he phoned Defense Minister Ehud Barak the ship would have sailed immediately; even a trip like that depends on ego.

Tell me what your view is, my rival, and I'll tell you my opposite view; man is no better than the dog and its Pavlovian reflex, which urinates and marks the boundary of its territory. And if Livni is demanding a suitable response to Qassam rockets, Barak will hold fire. And at the first opportunity the situation will be reversed. Is everything personal, and mainly during an election period? Yes, almost everything. That is how things of supreme importance are decided, with the basest passions.

We have seen such things in the past, and how. Shimon Peres stuck his nose into the swamp of Sebastia only because Yitzhak Rabin had decided to dry it up before it spawned mosquitoes. And Yigal Allon - oh, Yigal, Yigal - an eternal handsome young man, confronting the abomination of Hebron. I've been thinking about him a lot recently; after all, he was the first producer of the horror show.

Allon was not a spiteful person, but his contest against Moshe Dayan over the inheritance made even him lose his level head. Dayan was a war hero in those days, and Allon seemed to have his entire future in his past. And if Dayan occupied the territories, Allon would shape the post-occupation reality as the leader of the "settlement enterprise." After all, he didn't feel like an orphan without the City of the Patriarchs, nor did he fall under the spell of the whirling dervish.

And nevertheless he sat with him, with Moshe Levinger, and together they conspired behind the government's back. They plotted how to use strategems to enable the first settlers to conduct Seder night in Hebron, and how to let them remain there to sleep afterward. And since then "Hebron is forever." At that meal they burned the dish we are eating to this day - we can't swallow it and we can't vomit it out. And all because of a shaft from the wagon of someone's career, thanks to which an entire city has already been destroyed.

One house in Hebron was recently evacuated, and those who are taking over one house after another would not have taken this one over had it not been for an accursed Seder night 40 years ago. Since then the settlers have been pouring out their wrath and excrement on the goyim.

We should evacuate not a house but the entire Jewish settlement in Hebron, which was born in the sin of macho narcissism, because from it evil will begin to encroach on all the inhabitants of the land. Rabin considered doing so after the massacre by the murderer Baruch Goldstein in the Cave of the Patriarchs and was deterred at the last moment; that was the mistake of his life, the mistake of our lives.

Wasn't it the president of the country, Peres, who recently predicted that evacuating settlements would lead to a civil war? This wasn't a war yet, only one small battle, but it will break out. And the more we give in to the settlers and the more our obsequiousness to them continues - even on the part of devoted judges - the more cruel that war will be.